Paul Coste Trading Academy

I’ve created a series of intensive and applied courses on the current market, very practical and theoretical, so that Forex and CFD become your best money making tools. Learn to master all your assets and discover the insights of the commodities market and therefore benefit financially from it.

A practical and theoretical way to discover the insights of the actual trading market.

There is one certain thing: the trading market is developing day by day, and surely there is enough space for everybody. If you want to be one of the people that are aware of what the Forex market has to offer, you now have the chance to change your life.

My courses are made from live investment mentoring sessions, 1 to 1 strategies, tips & tricks and many other practical information applied to the market needs and changes.

Take your first steps towards improving your trading game!

I’ve arrived at this point, in the trading world, because I’ve always wanted to use technology to my advantage. I started this more than 7 years ago and I’ve guided myself by the trial and error principle. This is how I managed to discover this world full of mysteries and cool opportunities. If I can do it, you can do it too.

Now, not only that I am ready to share with you all my knowledge, but I also want to help you find out the latest smart technologies in order to assure an unbeatable cost efficency.

I won’t just explain to you theoretically how Forex works, how many people are there or how much cryptocurrencies are available right now. Instead, we’ll work very practical on the subjects of your interest. We will meet privately, depending on your needs and on your plan of choice.

I am the one that has built a trading strategy from nothing, and all you have to do now is make the right choice, to work with me.

My trading academy is for you if you:

Are just starting to discover the blockchain technology and want to deepen your knowledge

Want to understand the evolution of the market

Need someone to help you create the best investments and trading strategies

Want to assure yourself a better future

Are willing to step into the world of those people that make money work for them

Master the insights of investments

This course suits everybody’s needs. You might as well be a newcomer in the trading world, or someone that has invested already but is in need of a better strategy. I am here for you to show you exactly what you need to know in order to work with the CURRENT market.

I’m not just a trader, I speak facts!


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Portfolio diversification

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About Paul Coste

I started my journey in the world of trading and investments more than 7 years ago. Back then, you had to build your strategies from scratch, find out the latest news by yourself and tips & tricks were just a dream.

However, I managed to set up a trading business, which means that everything I learned paid off. Regardless of what is happening in the market at the moment, a good trader needs a foundation to create an area of expertise for himself and to understand the advantages that the assets and commodities can bring to your life.